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Meet the Stalwood Team

Al Rose   |  president

Born and raised in Cobourg, Al Rose understands what the area has to offer.  “Cobourg is a quality town with a rich history and we strive to maintain that standard,” says Rose.  “From our first home renovation when the company was new, to our most recent custom home, we’ve always tried to build with the flavour of the community strongly in mind. Our work blends seamlessly with what has gone before, and that’s part of what people love about Stalwood Homes.”

Al grew up in a heritage farm house, the son of a well-known doctor in the area.  He saw the workmanship and careful construction techniques that home embodied.  “The pioneers built those homes to last,” he says, “they didn’t skimp on quality.” When he began Stalwood Homes, he committed to “quality without compromise” and it is a philosophy that has served him and the company well.

From those beginnings more than 20 years ago, Al has combined that philosophy with a commitment to communication and customer service unsurpassed in the local marketplace.  “Part of our success is that we are with our clients every step of the way,” he says.  “Getting it right the first time is what we aim for, but if it isn’t we’ll make sure it is. We take pride in every home we build, and part of that pride comes from knowing our clients are delighted with their new home, and with the effort we’ve made to be sure they are satisfied.  That may sound like a small thing, but at Stalwood Homes, it’s the only thing.”

Christine Rose   |  business manager

Stalwood Homes is a family affair.  Al and Chris have been married for more years than they will admit, but a constant has been their “work together” attitude that underlies Stalwood’s success as a premier builder.  “Al is focused on customer service, building, and innovation,” says Chris, “I make sure everything flows smoothly for our customers from a business perspective.”

Stalwood Homes employs a large number of staff workers and contractors to get the job done.  “It’s my responsibility to ensure everything flows so that we deliver on time and on budget,” she says, “that’s particularly important with custom homes where the old saying ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’ holds true.”  Our commitment to quality extends to satisfying clients from a financial perspective as well as from a ‘love my new home’ point of view.”

What can’t go wrong is Chris’ commitment to husband Al and to Stalwood’s success.  In the early years, Chris did the books and cared for their young family while Al completed their first home renovation and new home projects.  She is as much a part of the firm’s prestige and success as their joint commitment to quality without compromise, she’s just too modest to say so!

Anthony Dew   |  General Manager, x103

As General Manager for Stalwood Homes, Anthony Dew takes his responsibilities very seriously.  On the front-line every day, he ensures seamless transitions from undeveloped acreage to custom home development.  He draws on his extensive education and years of experience in the new home sector to deliver customer satisfaction at every turn.

“Buying a new home or building custom is a monumental decision for most people,” he says, “my goal is to make that decision a pleasant, stress free experience.”  Letters of thanks and praise for Anthony from past home buyers are all the evidence needed to prove he takes his responsibilities to heart.

Aidan Rose   |  Financial Manager, x107

Aidan Rose has recently relocated back to Ontario, after building homes for several years just outside of Calgary Alberta. He plays an integral role in managing the financial side of all things Stalwood Homes. His knowledge and expertise is crucial to our success

Brenda Smith   |  Office Administrator, x101

With a background in large-scale property management, human relations, and new home construction, Brenda Smith will be someone you’ll want to get to know.

Brenda is the go-to person at Stalwood’s Head Office.  She deals with every inquiry and concern with the efficiency of a well-tuned engine. “I learned long ago that home is where the heart is,” says Brenda, “ensuring people are happy with their choice of a Stalwood Home is my first professional goal.  Follow-up is just as important as any other stage of the home building process.  I’m here to ensure we do our best to not only please, but to delight our customers.”

Steve Nickerson   |  Customer Service Manager, x104

As an experienced home inspector, and personal owner of a Stalwood Home, Steve is knowledgable in the many areas necessary to accurately assess our customers’ concerns. His assistance in mitigating issues as they arise is a key component to our motto of “Quality Without Compromise.”

Matthew Hunter   |  Site Supervisor

Matt leads the labour team in our community developments. Overseeing trades and crews, his dedicated is evidenced by his ability to meet deadlines and perform wisely.

Dan Mahaney   |  Site Supervisor

Our Orchard Gate location is booming thanks to the lead of Dan. He ensures all deadlines are met and that construction runs smoothly.

Jocelyn Mason   |  Kitchen Designer, x106

Jocelyn is our Kitchen Designer. She takes care of all cabinets and countertops within your home. Her interior decorating, flooring, and design background has given her the experience needed for the most favourable results. She works closely with each client in getting to know what the client is looking for, how to make that space desirable and, mostly importantly, how to allow for ease of us and functionality. Jocelyn’s passion for design drives her to stay current on the latest concepts and trends. Her desire is to bring the latest and greatest products to your kitchen, plus other rooms of your home.

Tamara Ugolini   |  Advertising, x108

Tamara captures the beauty and essence of Stalwood Homes. Minding the photographic and graphic design end of things, Tamara brings a flavour and passion for portraying the beautiful work done by our trades people and team members.

Bob Lafontaine   |  Marketing/sales, x105

With over 25 years of Real Estate experience,  specialized in the new home segment of the business, Bob brings a catalogue of knowledge, understanding and caring with him to have available to the Stalwood Team and clients.

The other faces behind Stalwood Homes

The people mentioned above are just a fraction of the Stalwood story.  The success of the firm depends on many behind the scenes people — architects, building professionals and tradespeople — from direct employees of Stalwood on construction sites to specialty contractors.  While too numerous to mention, each individual plays a critical role in meeting Stalwood’s commitment to “Quality Without Compromise” and we salute their contributions to the company and to their daily pursuit of excellence.

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